Stoneware Mugs and Unique Gifts

Artist Statement

Clay is what I work with. At the start of my career, I was under the impression that I was molding the clay. In retrospect, I now believe that working in clay over twenty years has molded me. Since the very beginning, my life and my work have been closely intertwined.

When my children were small, I purposefully chose to work with an art form that would be marketable in locations and provide nurturing environments for them. Thus, the Illinois State Park commemorative mugs were born. We would all pile in the car to deliver my product. These memories of hiking and exploring nature together during these trips are some of my life's most valued treasures. The spirit of unity with work and love of family led me to successfully develop and market my individual pottery work. Stoneware mugs and steins are the cornerstone of my production business. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy creating these useful forms, sometimes complex and sometimes desirably unrestrained, on a daily basis, I also take great pride in the fact that collectors seek out my commemorative work.

These feelings of pride and purpose intensify further every time I expand my individualized work of developing unique stoneware for cooking and serving. The present evolution is not only visually stimulating, but also solves unique cooking challenges. I continue to travel to workshops and seek out new kilns to explore those that can artistically bring clay and fire together. The profound realization that my most satisfying work has come from finishing with the wood firing technique has made the entire process an art form, resulting in a desirable and surprising end of the journey for each piece, and a new beginning for me that continues to influence my work moving forward.

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